Kushi Catahoula

I want to dedicate this page to the late Kushi Catahoula. Kushi lived a vibrant 13 years, she was a Catahoula mix from North Carolina. She had been across the county as we met in Portland, Oregon where I adopted her.

She was a very social and active dog and had to be taken somewhere to run and socialize at least once a day for a lengthy amount of time. Kushi was so friendly.

Before we left Oregon we were fostering a kitten that was found at a construction site. Kushi and the kitten became close friends and would play. Kushi was about 70 lbs, she was so gentle with the kitten and they would play so cute. Kushi would say hello to anyone and everything. I made friends because of her social skills (in which I lack and actually learned a little from her).

I believe kushi had a little Red Wolf in her because for one Catahoula’s are known to have been bred with Native American Red Wolves. Also she came from North Carolina that is their habitat and where there are few Red Wolves left. Also she had the most beautiful howel.

Another distinct characteristic was Kushi had a cracked eye. It is called “cracked” because pure Catahoulas are known to have glass eyes and she had one eye that was half glass, in the Catahoula culture it is appreciated.


Kushi has been gone over the rainbow bridge for almost a year now and I have not recovered. She touched my life and made it so much better and made me a better person. People can say “oh it’s just a dog” and they just don’t know. I have been advised that getting another dog will help and I want to but I am still not ready. I guess I will know when it is time.

Because of Kushi’s need to run and socialize I was able to explore and discover these great dog parks that have very special memories for me. Kushi had her “pack” of friends in the morning and it took me a long time to go back and visit without her. I still don’t drive by the old parks. I had to change my routine and activities and move on. Someday I do want to get another Catahoula when the time is right.

I miss Kushi tremendously and I know that anyone who reads this who has had that experience understands.