Del Mar Dog Beach


Del Mar Dog Beach is a lovely half mile stretch of beach along Pacific Coast Highway 101 on the edge of the city’s North Beach where Del Mar meets Solana beach at the San Dieguito River. (29th st to Solana Beach border)

This particular area was off leash nine months out of the year and during the summer months owners were required to leash up their doggies. Due to popular demand by local residents and the exhaustion of the lifeguards having to constantly remind owners to leash up during the off season, a vote was passed. The city agreed to allow this area to remain leash free all year, however during the summer busy season off leash time is only from dawn until 8:00 am.  

Hooray a super win!!

Parking can be a challenge but is allowed along Coast Highway. Parking does require a parking pass that can be purchased there.  It is timed and you must watch the time when you are out playing and having fun and either depart or buy a new pass when the time is up. Or you can count on a nice ticket.

Make sure to bring your beach toys for yourself and fur friends, your favorite beach chair or blanket, and sunscreen,  plenty of water and a water bowl. Yes you will have visitors at your water dish.

This was my dog Kushi’s favorite beach of all and we visited many from our move from Portland, Oregon down the coast to San Diego. It is a comfortable beach for all, easy to access once you get that parking spot, and just friendly and relaxing. The kids, dogs and everyone loves it.

Del Mar Dog Beach

Kushi Catahoula @Del Mar Beach


There is a couple of volleyball nets where people do get together and play. The only restrooms are port a potty’s. There are some bags for dog waste but you may want to bring some also as I noticed at times they ran out. Also there is not much for shade so if you need it bring a tent or umbrella.

The only cautionary I can think of is with the river as I have known a couple people who’s dog got in and was not a strong enough swimmer. I am a massage therapist and one of my former clients had a severe permanent knee and leg injury from having to jump in the river and save her Golden.  While I do see owners and dogs in the river playing, I would suggest caution.