Encinitas View Point Park


Encinitas View Point park is a hip little park located just across the street from Encinitas public library at Cornish Dr and D street.  The off leash times are very strict and are as follows:

 Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 6 – 9 a.m. and 3 – 8 p.m.

Encinitas Viewpoint

This is a very cute little park with an amazing ocean view. While it is a smaller park there are two levels and is nice and grassy.  There is a children’s playground in the middle bottom part of the park. The playground equipment sits in sand and is prohibited for the furries. This is a great set up because the kids can play as well.  There is also plenty of shade.

The upper area is also grassy with concrete benches and tables for picnicking. This is where the view comes in. Also plenty of shrubs for sniffing. There is a water fountain and water bowl but one should also be prepared. 

Also be aware that stragglers of  homeless people will sit in the top area as well. They usually  do not bother anyone so do not be shocked to see a human sleeping on the ground.  There are no restrooms at this park.

There are no restrooms at this park, but the library across the street does not seem to mind if you need to visit. This park is very clean and well kept, there are usually a stock of poo bags. It is a neighborhood park and the locals are usually friendly.

This park was another one of my dog Kushi’s favorite, she enjoyed the grass and plenty of running room. She also enjoyed the two levels to explore and the shrubs to sniff. Parking is easy enough on the street and the library parking lot, not sure how they feel about that but we never had a problem with parking.