Ocean Beach Dog Beach


Ocean Beach Dog Beach is located in the greater San Diego neighborhood Ocean Beach which is at the end of I-8 and the San Diego river a nationally recognized beach. It was one of the first off leash dog beaches in the US. It is probably the most diverse dog beach there is. Also it is off leash 24/7.

OB Dog Beach

If you and your doggie like a lot of action this is your beach. It is a pretty big area and a big parking lot with free parking. However it is very busy so you may have to circle in the parking lot a bit until someone leaves if you go on a busy weekend. You walk through the main beach leashed to get down to the dog beach unleashed area. 

There is a picnic area, full bathrooms and a outside beach shower. There are also water fountains and pick up bags available. There is not much for shade so bring your tent or umbrella and plenty of sunscreen.

Also if you like people watching this is your beach. There is pier with a restaurant and this is a very busy beach with lots of surfers and interesting people.

The waves get pretty big here and also the river is there so be mindful of that, and have a great time.