South Buena Vista Dog Park


South Buena Vista Dog Park is located in North County San Diego. The address is 1602 Mountain Pass Cir, Vista, Ca 92081. It is off leash dawn til dusk.

This is a lovely little park nested in a quiet area of Vista. This park has a nice parking lot and is easy access. There are grassy areas and big trees for shade. There is a water fountain and a dog water fountain. In the center of the park is a fenced in play ground and this is great for parents with small children.


There is natural areas a paved walking trail and plenty of sniffing an roaming area.For the adventurous there are small hiking trails.

This is a very social dog park and filled with regulars.  This was my dog Kushi’s favorite staple as well as the kids. Plenty of socializing and activity. It is laid back and you can chose to relax or get some walking in. 

There is lots of sage growing in the habitat and the park smells so good. One must beware there can be Rattlesnakes. Kushi and I have personally seen a giant yellow snake curled up on the walking path. We ran the other way and the locals said it was nothing to worry about but I don’t trust it. I have never heard of anything happening but beware.